Revering History

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The historical imagery portrayed by the SNI posters highlight not only the realities and sceneries they reproduce, but also, as one might expect, a good portion of the Portuguese New State ideology. Caravels and vessels dating back to the time of the discoveries, or castles and historic buildings that demonstrate the wealth of the past gain the same emphasis as the propaganda of fairs that incorporate traditional costumes, bullock fighting, or the examples of architecture and infrastructure increment of the country during the regime. The idea behind it is to place the old and the new side by side, pointing to a construction of a future -- bright and glorious, or, like one of the posters claims, a "gloriously old new exciting Portugal".

Salazar had in mind that the so propelled unity and indivisibility of the country had to be regarded as a fundament to all his actions. For this to happen, though, the interest of each person had to be engaged into a more central entity: the nation.