Excerpt from "48," a film by Susana de Sousa Dias (93 minutes, 2010).

"They are state pictures, taken by the dreaded PIDE (political police). Part of an official record of repression. All taken during the 48 years of Salazar’s dictatorship, from 1926 to 1974."

1962 Crise Académica Oposição ao regime

(in Portuguese). In 1961, students from across the country met in Coimbra for the November 25 celebrations. Over two hundred attended a dinner, during which the phrase "We want peace!" echoed in protest at the Colonial War, inspiring a lively procession through the city. The police came and several students were arrested, which led to a wave of support and outrage nationwide. The tension was visible in the academies of Porto and Lisbon during the inauguration of the new rectory in University City.