No Rain in Portugal: Tourism Posters

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The mild winters and hot dry summers, with plenty of sunlight throughout the year, saturated the poster imagery that urged tourists to visit Portugal. Bright images and photos evoked a calm, organized, sunny, and beautiful country, portraying Portugal as an inviting "Eden.” In an attempt to entice people around the world to visit beaches like those in Algarve and on the Alentejo Coast; to the countryside; and to historic cities such as Sintra, Évora, Porto and Lisbon, the posters portrayed idyllic sandy beaches, blooming fields and happy people. The intention was to build both internal Portuguese as well as international appreciation of the stability brought to the nation by New State regime. Promotion of Portugal as a gateway to Europe, full of natural and historic wonders, took on a simplistic monotony which masked the reality of widespread illiteracy, poverty, alienated factions, and entirely omitted political opposition and any reference to governmental repression and censorship.