Mocidade Portuguesa: Youth Groups

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Anthem Portuguese Youth

Hymn of the Portuguese Mocidade (translation)

There we go, singing and laughing
Led, led, yes
For the voice of tremendous sound
of tubas, - outcry without end

There we go, (that the dream is pretty!)
Towers and towers raising,
Rasgões, bare places, opening! 

- White of the immortal Light,
Purple névoas tears into pieces
Doira the sky of Portugal!

To want! To want! E we go there!
- Trunk in flower, extends the branches
To the youth that passes

It keeps silent voice that, turbada,
Already of same itself if it frightens;
It ceases the winds the insânia,
Before the clear dawn,
In our souls been born:
E, for us, oh Lusitânia,
- Body of Love, land saint -
Native land! you will be celebrated;
E for us you will be raised;
Raised to the high one of the Life

To want is our verge;
To want, - word that comes
of the deepest raízes:
Indecisa fascinates the shade
It exceeds clouds of beyond...
To want, - word of the Favour
Shout of the happy souls

To want! To want! E we go there
Trunk in flower extends the branches