Visual Narratives

Decálogo do Estado Novo, 1934

Salazar's authoritarian, but paternal state regime ruled and controlled the country for forty-eight years, and like many other European authoritarian regimes, created a strong, centralized propaganda Secretariat. The Secretariat of National Propaganda (SPN/SNI) was considered essential to the maintenance, consolidation and to the dissemination of Salazar's government policies within and outside Portugal. António Ferro was under the direction of the Secretariat that implemented the New State Propaganda. He was the mentor of the Decalogue -- the document that summarizes the principles of the New State, and could be seen as a short version of the Constitution.

Together with the three pillars of the regime -- God, Fatherland, and Family -- the Decalogue reinforced the importance of the nation as a collective, while made sure that the government appears as a strong and paternal, yet an implacable figure. It was a good attempt to consolidate the faith of the supporters and to convert the others, with the purpose of maintaining the government's stability.