Imperial faith and catholic missions in the grand exhibitions of the Estado Novo

Luis Ángel Sánchez-Gómez, "Imperial Faith and Catholic Missions in the Grand Exhibitions of the Estado Novo," Análise Social, vol. XLIV (193), 2009, 671-692. (excerpt)

The Estado Novo’s resolute colonial agenda was part of an intense imperial-nativist offensive with which it tried to breathe new life into Portuguese patriotism during the 1930s. This fervor crossed national borders, as evidenced by Portugal’s participation in the most important international colonial exhibitions of the decade. Following successes in Seville (1929), Antwerp (1930), and Paris (1931), the leaders of the Estado Novo decided upon organizing their own national exhibitions, seeking social and political payoffs from such high-impact propaganda. They would thus contribute internally to the “ideal” construction of the new State Imperial faith and the grand exhibitions of the Estado Novo employed, and show the mechanisms by which the Estado Novo manipulated the Catholic faith and transmuted it into a truly ‘imperial faith’ in service of the ‘new national order.’